5 Things to Know About Buying YouTube Views

If you don’t understand how some of the newer or more niche marketing circles work it may seem strange when you understand just how many companies and groups buy YouTube views. Everyone knows why a celebrity or music producer will buy views, but why a company that sells napkins, for instance, would pay money just to have a product video with a bigger number of views underneath it as it plays is not as straightforward. Regardless, millions of views are purchased every day in nearly every industry. I wanted to explore the reasons these groups bought views and what benefits they gained from it.

1.    A Higher View Count Comes With Unforeseen Benefits.

“Social Credibility” is a term that applies here. In other forms of marketing, it is referred to as “Social Proofing” when people see others enjoy something; they are more likely to try and enjoy that thing as well. People are more apt to consider your info and message if they believe thousands of others already have. This will in turn boost sales, subscriptions, likes – whatever.

2.    The More Fake Views a Video Has, the More Real Views a Video Will Get

One of the other sought after benefits is the way in which they translate into actual views. High view count videos are more likely to be clicked on by random users, will rank higher in the videos the YouTube displays, and are more likely to be shared by blogs and other sites, thus greatly enhancing the “viralbility” of the videos.

3.    It Is More Widespread Than Many Think

Many insiders claim that music sites, almost without exception purchase views. For the same reason discussed in number one, promoters know that a musician needs a lot of views to hit that critical mass where people fawn over them regardless of actual talent. It isn’t only mediocre music that pays for views though, even fantastic songs need that extra bump to garner the attention that they deserve.

4.    Buying Views is Not as Risky as Many Think

buy YouTube views

While there have been high profile cases of view buying channels get reprimanded, the truth is that many companies pay actual people to click through and accrue the views. The higher end sites do it in such a way that it is challenging for YouTube to track it – and the practice is so widespread it seems as if YouTube doesn’t have either the energy or the resources to try and uncover these channels. Even if they did, it is unclear if the method in which these views technically added would be deemed against the rules.

5.    The Concept Isn’t Really Anything New

Going as far back as the funerals for Roman emperors, there is a history of people paying for viewers in order to create that “social proof”. Roman families would pay hundreds of women to show up at funerals for famous men to wail and scream in agony as the aristocratic was cremated. These types of practices happened all over the world and in virtually every culture.